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Save recipes fast
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The Recipe Selfie App helps you organize all the recipes from your cookbooks and magazines by taking photos.


Download Recipe Selfie cooking app on the App Store

Privacy Policy

The Recipe Selfie app uses a third party analytics tool with the purpose of improving features for a better and more satisfactory user experience. We do not share this analytics data with anyone, it is collected for us to be able to offer you the best cooking experience possible.

The analytics tool may also passively collect other information non-personally identifiable, such as, mobile device branding, service provider, operating system, screen resolution, localization information, date and time spent in the application, advertising conversion rates, monetization rate, and other similar information. We use this data to better adapt to our users interests and offer higher quality features, such as, supporting more languages, more beautifully adapt to more screen resolutions, to create exciting new features, to improve existing features that users might not use as much.

We do not collect any of your personally identifiable data, such as, user id, user name, social identity, or any similar user identifiable data. This application uses a third party ad service tool that may collect information to better target your interests when showing you advertisement.

The tools being used and their privacy policies are the following:

Google Privacy Policy

App Lovin Privacy Policy

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